ABOUTo nama putnik rent a car

Our company was founded in January 1965 as The Vehicle Renting Service with or without drivers, within giant tourist company ADT “Putnik” Belgrade. In a very short period we became one of the leaders in this sector in ex-Yugoslavia region. Due to hard work, experience of our employees and the of quality automobile fleet, we have remained on the lead till today, and we are convinced that there is a lot of space for progress, in every sense.


We have chosen the vehicles produced by famous manufacturers – Toyota, Mitsubishi and Hyundai, which guarantee quality, safety and comfort. Also, for some special variants of rent and under certain conditions, we can provide you a vehicle you want.

CAR RENTALo nama putnik rent a car

Depending on the type of a vehicle, renting period, the way of taking it over and some additional services, we have formed the Pricelist, which is always in the coordination with the current economical situation in our country. The prices and the detailed specifications of every vehicle you can see on the Vehicles page.
We have offered some additional possibilities according to the needs of legal entities and individuals for special rental forms.

Long term business rent

It is for the companies which require a certain number of vehicles, followed by lower monthly payments, possible refreshment of the fleet and also reducing the average age of the vehicles in the fleet. Also, we give you the opportunity to buy your favorite vehicle out or offer it to your driver at the price agreed in advance.

Car rental with a driver

We give you the opportunity to get a vehicle with our professional driver who speaks foreign language and knows Serbian tourist destinations.

Car rental per kilometer

This convenience is possible with our driver only and the accounting is made at the price per kilometer agreed in advance. This is the way you can reduce your expenses made by using your own car.


Our offices in Belgrade and Niš are located in the most attractive places. During the coming months we plan to open some more offices in bigger towns in Serbia. We organize takeover in any location all over the country.


To pay our services, we offer you the possibilities of paying in cash, through the account and by credit cards.