Wanted car can be rent for a short- term, that is up to 30 days, or for a long term, that is for a few months. Minimal duration of the rent is one day or 24 hours. The person that rents a vehicle must be over 25 years old and must own a driving licence for minimum 5 years.


The rent is paid when taking over the vehicle and it is paid by the credit card- Amex, Visa, MasterCard- by cash or by payment to account- legal entity. Deposit during rent is obligatory. Deposit is paid by credit card or cash. Deposit is defined by duration of the car rent and it depends on the group of cars.


Every vehicle has car insurance and it is part of price of rent.
Price of rent does not include:

Insurance-CDW, i.e. Collision Damage Waiver – Insurance from the damage by participation in damage

The responsibility for the damage of the rent car and for the third person is limited by a certain maximal sum which is connected to the group of the vehicle rent. This insurance does not cover the damage occurred in the car interior, tiers or wheels damage, damage to the lower body of the vehicle, broken or lost key, damage made by pouring the wrong kind of fuel and the damage made unconsciously or carelessly. All the above mentioned damage will be paid in a full sum at the moment of the return of the vehicle. When the vehicle is returned, its condition will be checked by both the client and our employee and it will be compared to the condition of the vehicle at the moment of take over. Every change of the vehicle condition, i.e. all of the new damages, will be written in the form of the contract on the rent and it will be signed by both sides.

TP-Theft Protection – Insurance from the theft with participation in damage

The responsibility for the theft of the vehicle or its parts – tiers, stereo device and similar – is limited by the maximal sum which is connected to the group of the vehicle.



This insurance is not valid in case when the vehicle was unlocked or the key was left in the lock during the theft.


Without police report full sum of the damage and/or theft will be paid by the client, regardless of the assurance bought. The report is to be done even in the cases of client’s being absent during the damaging of the vehicle, e.g. the vehicle was damaged on the parking by the NN person.

The procedures in the case of accident, damage and theft of the vehicle

The client is obliged to do the following:

– To immediately inform the police and “Putnik Rent a Car” about the event and to follow their instructions
– To write down data about the other participants in the accidents
– To fill in the report on the accident/damage when returning the vehicle
– To write a short statement in which he/she will describe causes and circumstance in which the accident/damage occurred


– It is forbidden to steer the vehicle while being under the influence of alcohol, medicine or drugs. In such cases the assurance is not valid. The client   is to pay a full sum of the damage/theft
– The rent car can be steered only by the person that is signed as a driver in the contract on the rent of the car. There is a possibility to sign in a additional driver with the allowance of “Putnik Rent a Car” when the vehicle is taken over
– It is forbidden to give a vehicle to the persons unauthorized, i.e. to the persons that were not signed in the contract. In these cases the contract is not valid – the client is to pay a full sum of the damage/ theft